Initiatives for District 1

Jordan River Parkway “Adopt-A-Trail” Initiative

One of the premiere natural features of Salt Lake City’s District 1 is the Jordan River Parkway and its system of trails. Engaging our community in an “Adopt-a-trail” collaborative effort where local businesses, community and civic groups such as our schools, churches, and youth groups like the Boy Scouts, could take ownership of sections along this iconic natural landscape should not only make it a preferred destination, but also help with its beautification and maintenance moving forward. I believe that this landmark could be a place where our residents and neighborhoods could find opportunities to interact and grow as a community. Such an initiative is just one example of how my ability to unify diverse groups into a common goal could benefit our community. I know how to get government and the private sector to work together for the benefit of all, and this is a strength I plan to utilize on behalf of the residents of SLC District One as your neighborhood councilman.

Our District 1 is  he “Gateway” to Salt Lake

Anyone entering into the city must travel along North Temple. In order to redevelop existing and bring in new development, we need to assess the master plan, which is somewhat outdated and strategically drive new initiatives in light of the way business have changed since its creation. Specifically, North Temple with the creation of the Trax line there is opportunity and potential to capture travel and visitor business by increasing retail and other business along the route.  I feel confident we could get external businesses to invest in our community.

Redwood Road has traditionally been an industrial, commercial, and manufacturing front, and while these are still important, there are areas, which would benefit our community by applying forward thinking in urban planning, modernization, and beautification.

Our SLC District One is the first impression any visitor to the Greater Salt Lake Area will get of our city. As a result, it is in the best interest of all people who live in SLC to invest in our area.

Why is revitalizing SLC District 1 important to you?

A home is the biggest investment for the majority of the population. It is my job to protect and improve that asset for our residents and families. Anyone who is a property owner or who has local investments in the area depends upon the values and the returns on those investments. To drive the appreciation of that value, improving our district areas is a must. For those who do not own property there are still tangible benefits from investing in revitalization. Revenue generated will directly affect the school systems, parks, civil services (police, fire, etc.),community engagement i.e. (little leagues, intramural athletics, community outreach programs).

The blossoming Latin community in our district represents an important piece in both business and culture. James is unifies.

Freeway and railway divides SLC and the West Side. Efforts should be made to improve the exchange between these areas.