I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I graduated from West High School, where I was a member of the swimming and soccer teams, and even joined the sewing club. Today, I am a father, husband, and your neighbor in District 1. I’m a property owner, local business advocate, and a committed worker ready to represent my family, friends, and neighbors in Salt Lake City’s 1st District.

My wife, Megan, and I are parents of 2 wonderful children. Our daughter Sadie is 6 years old and our son Stockton is 4. I am an avid Utah Jazz fan and grew up wanting nothing more than to play point guard, just like John Stockton. When I stopped growing at 5’8” I realized I would be better suited in putting my efforts toward a different career path.

My children are 5th-generation Rose Park natives. As such, my family and I are more intimately connected and in touch with the pressing issues facing us than the other candidates. It is important to me they are given the best possible education from our public education system. I want them to have every opportunity to be successful.

I made the decision to run for Salt Lake City Council because I felt I could use my private business experience to help address some of our city’s most pressing needs. I also believe strongly that in order to better prepare for the future and provide the best possible chance for our children to be successful, we need a candidate that truly understands the community as a whole, and can be an advocate for the different needs of the people in our neighborhood.

From 1999 to 2001 I lived in South America where I learned to speak Portuguese and was immersed in the rich culture in Brazil. Since returning to Salt Lake, I’ve taught myself Spanish through interaction with my Latino and Latina neighbors, friends, co-workers, and colleagues. I have a deep appreciation for the Latin culture, their family values, and work ethic.

My understanding of Latin culture and my ability and commitment to communicate directly with our Latino and Latina neighbors allows me to further unite all the residents of Salt Lake City’s 1st District to work toward the future. I strongly believe that by partnering with the RDA and Salt Lake City, and having sound public policies to guide us, we can continue to grow District One as a major component of our capital city.

I have a lengthy history of rehabilitating and revitalizing neglected and blighted properties. For the past 5 years, I’ve overseen the redevelopment and revitalization of the Northgate Business Park on 825 North 300 West in Salt Lake City. As your councilman, I would bring my experience of this project to the greater Salt Lake area. I recognize innate value in places others are unwilling or unable to do so. I think there is tremendous opportunity for growth and improvement in SLC District 1 and I believe with my leadership and your support we can achieve tremendous outcomes for our community.

District 1 deserves higher priority on Salt Lake City’s list of improvements, zoning issues, and parks & recreation decisions. I will be an advocate and champion for the people. As your councilman, I will always be there to represent your interests and those of District 1 in Salt Lake City.
Thank you very much for your support

About James Rogers

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Building Local Business

I have a lengthy history of rehabilitating and revitalizing neglected and blighted properties.

Strengthening Our Homes

As a father of 2 young children, I want to ensure Salt Lake is the safest city in our nation to raise a family.

Fresh Ideas in Government

When we elect the same people and expect a different result we keep politicians in business.

Hablo Tu Idioma

Soy el unico candidato en Districto 1 que habla espanol y que ha vivido en America del Sur.

Latest News

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